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Skylights are a great way to add light to your home, and they offer reliable performance in most situations. However, over time, wear and tear from the weather and other factors can cause issues, and that can lead to leaks.

If you do find a problem and need skylight repair in Calgary, it is everything you need to know about dealing with the issue.

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The first thing to think about with skylights in a varied climate like Calgary, is whether it is leaking at all. This sounds odd, but condensation can lead to water drips, so pay attention as to when you see water.

If it appears during or straight after rain, then you have a good chance of it being a leak, and you should contact professionals to deal with the issue. However, if you only see it on cold days, chances are it is condensation forming on the inside of the skylight.

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Common Skylight Issues Calgarians Face:

While mostly reliable, there are some common skylight issues in Calgary you should be aware of, as they do need addressing as quickly as possible. These are:

Leaks caused by flashing problems

By far the most common skylight issues in Calgary are leaks due to issues with flashing. Flashing is the barrier between the skylight and roof, forming a watertight seal that allows liquids to drain down the roof as intended, rather than into or behind the skylight. Lifting and other damage can leave gaps in the seal and allow water through.
This can be caused by weather or debris and tends to worsen over time. Regular inspections of the flashing can help spot problems early. That is not the only cause of leaks though, and your skylight age can be a factor too.

Weather seal shrinkage

We often see skylights as a ‘fit and forget’ type product, but the reality is that just like everything, including regular windows, they degrade over time and need maintenance. Just like flashing, the skylight frame is exposed to the elements, and in an environment like Calgary that features a wide range of heat and cold, this can cause problems.

The common skylight issues in Calgary that are a result of this is that the seal between the glass and frame can dry out, leading to shrinkage. That in turn creates gaps where water can pass through between the frame and the glass.
Sometimes the problem is the skylight itself though, and that can still cause leaks.

Problems with the open and close mechanism

Being able to open the skylight for ventilation is one of the main reasons they are installed, but that mechanism can also lead to issues. When the skylight is closed, it should form a tight seal with the outer frame, and if it doesn’t, there is the potential for leaks.
You can usually check this for yourself, by opening and closing the skylight and seeing if it sits firmly, or not. Gaps mean a problem, and you will need professional help to sort out the skylight.
But if you do need to call in professionals for skylight repair in Calgary, how much will it cost?

Leaking skylight repair cost in Calgary

As with any type of remedial work, how much it costs will depend on what the problem is. For instance, an issue with the weather seals can be a relatively quick fix, requiring new seals to be installed. However, for flashing work, that may need more time and replacement of all flashings.

Problems with mechanisms can mean replacing the entire skylight, or it may be able to be fixed on site, so costs vary.

Overall, common skylight issues in Calgary tend to range between CA$450 and CA$2950, depending on what needs doing.

However, leaving a leaking skylight can be even more expensive if water damage is allowed to build, so to get things fixed it is worth seeing if you can get help with the costs.

Is a leaking skylight covered by insurance?

In general, homeowners’ insurance covers the damage caused by leaks to a roof, and payouts are dictated by the cause of the leak, rather than the location of it. As skylights are part of the roof, as long as they are insurance approved and properly installed, they should be covered as long as the cause of the problem is one covered by insurance.

For your skylight, the most common reasons for the damage that leads to leaks are weather, especially hail for home sin Calgary, fire, natural disasters and extreme cold. If your home insurance doesn’t specifically exclude the type of cause for your skylight damage, it should be covered.

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