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No one likes leaky roofs. Especially in Calgary where rains can be torrential and leaks can turn into the biggest nuisances.

It doesn’t matter the problem. It could be a simple leak or hail damage, wind damage, and even lack of maintenance. We can handle EVERYTHING.

Why Hire a Our Company -EZ Calgary Roof Repair?

Fixing a roof is no easy job…

The time and effort it takes to fix a roof can be ENORMOUS. As a busy homeowner, you probably don’t have time for that. And maybe you have the time, but you just don’t have the skills.

In that case, you can rely on us.

A company like us follows the latest practices, uses the highest-quality materials, and has the experience to handle any problem from the source.

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Get Your Roof Repaired with Us

Whether you need a simple roof leak repair, roof leak detection, shingles repair, Calgary flat roof repair, or any other service – you can count on us for ALL OF IT!

We stand out for our:

Ability to Deliver FAST!

Our roofing repairs team is comprised of experienced people, always giving their best to repair even the hardest of roof problems AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We take roof repair activities with professionalism and urgency – especially in emergencies. You can trust we’ll deliver on time, every time.

Broad Roof Repair Experience!

Every member of our team knows a thing or two about roofs. They can repair roof leak problems, repair flat roof installations, repair roof shingles, or produce a simple but effective roof patch. In case it is necessary, we may even replace roof with no problem.

Commercial Roofing Quality!

We do a lot of home repair roofs, but we also work just as well with commercial ones. If you need your business roof repaired, maintained, or replaced, you can count on us. Our commercial flat roof repair is one of the best services in Calgary.

You read that right, we start by identifying the problem. There’s no point in doing roof repairs if we don’t fix the problem from the source. Here are some issues your roof may be facing:


Moisture & Leak Detection

  • Moisture leaking or water filtrating into the roof because of worn out shingles or insulation. This could cause consistent damage over time, eventually making the roof give up.


Clogged Pipes & Gutters

  • Clogged pipes or gutters causing water overflows into unprotected areas. The roof gets damaged over time, causing unnecessary annoyances.


Poor roofing Materials

  • Low-quality materials and badly installed roofs. Sometimes, it’s about the installation or the materials themselves. The roof wasn’t made to last and it’s now breaking down.

Once we identify the problem, then we proceed with the roof repair as necessary.

NOTE: In some cases, we may decide to completely re roof your home/business.

How Can EZ Roof Repair Help ?

Roofs can wear down for a wide variety of reasons: strong winds, hails, falling trees, pushy limbs, animals, people, and sometimes general accidents.

Because we know how many different things can happen, we focus in offering the BROADEST arrange of roof repair services in Calgary.

• Leaky roof repairs • Shingles roof repair • Hail damage repair

• Ice removal • Flat roof repair Calgary • Roof painting

• Roof restoration • Preventive roof maintenance • Emergency roof repair Calgary

Commercial Projects
Residential Projects
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Hard Working Employees
Happy Customers
We were recommended to Gino and the family from a friend. We lost some roof pieces and facia from the strong winds in March. They came by the next day to inspect the damage, told me it’s not worth calling my insurance because of my deductible and came 2 days after that to do the work. They did extra work without charge and I really appreciate that.
Used them to help with overwhelming amount of repairs from the wind storm this year. Very fair, reliable and responsive. Use them.

What are You Waiting For?

Don’t let an amateur handle your roof repairs. Get quality and experience with us instead.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is, where it is located, or how fast you need it. We are the service that can make it happen.

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