Labour Warranty

EZ Roof Repair Official Warranty

10 Years

EZ Roof Repair provides a labor warranty for 10 years from the day work is completed to the owner of the property on which work was done for any defect in workmanship which causes a leak.


In case of a leak caused by a labor defect, EZ Roof Repair is liable for the repair of the leak and any damage caused by the leak at its full expense.

Important timelines

EZ Roof Repair needs to be given a reasonable amount of time to do the repairs, in case of a labor defect causing a leak.

What are we not responsible for

EZ Roof Repair is not liable for condensation or attic rain issues as well as manufacturer related defects in the material.

Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer warranty on the material will be provided before work starts and will be properly filled in once the work is complete.

Is the Warranty transferable?

This warranty is transferable to a new owner without the need of notifying us.

Warranty and natural disasters

Damage caused by wind and hail storms, distortion in the structure of the building (including roof-deck) or others working on the roof after the work is completed is not covered under this warranty.

A claim has to be submitted not more than 48 hours after the leak has been discovered.

You can make a claim via email by using our contact form or by phone at 403.404.7610.

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